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Manisha S., Buyer from NW, DC

My experience working with Dan was really great! As first-time home buyers we did not know the process quite well, but Dan helped us feel comfortable by showing us homes within our budgetary restrictions and taste preferences. He is very patient and we never felt pressured to make a decision quickly. He even showed us some nearby comparables so that we could really get a feel for the neighborhood we want to buy into. He goes the extra mile to help you make the right decision. I found him to be an energetic professional and was really impressed by his quick turnaround times!! Each time I reached out to him with questions about the various properties I was considering, he got back to me right away with researched details– most of the times within only a few minutes! Dan uses all the available technology at his disposal to make the home-showing process and getting additional information on properties easier. Dan is hard-working, approachable, and really knowledgeable about the DC area’s real estate market. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to him; especially those that want a quicker, more responsive and modern home buying experience with their agent.